Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box System Review

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WARNING: Don’t Buy Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box System Without Reading This Review First!

I ran across an ad for Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box System about a year ago, and it immediately grabbVin DiCarlo Pandora's Box Reviewed my attention.

The possibility of being able to basically read a women’s mind and use her own thoughts and personality traits to get her into bed (or a relationship) sounded too good to be true!

At first I was very skeptical that all of the buzz about Pandora’s Box was just marketing hype.

So I decided to try and find some Pandoras Box Reviews online to help me figure out what the truth about Vin Dicarlo really was.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any real, honest reviews.

All the “Pandoras Box Review” sites I found fell into 2 categories:

First, was just a bunch fluff pieces written by internet marketers who had probably never even bought or went through the Pandoras Box System, and were just trying to promote it for a quick affiliate commission.

Most of their “reviews” were nothing more than thinly disguised sales pitches!

The second group I found were sites and posts from competitors of Vin Dicarlo, bashing the product.

As I figured out later, they were bashing Pandoras Box because in the system, Vin Dicarlo totally undermines the general, one size fits all approaches the traditional pick-up-artist gurus have been teaching for years.

So I figured I’d give you an actual, honest review, with BOTH the good and the bad, from a guy who bought the product, and actually tested it!

(I’ll warn you this is a pretty long review, but I figured you need the full story, including the negative aspects to decide if Pandora’s Box is right for you.)

In this review I’ll explain:

  • What The Pandora’s Box System is…
  • What You Get When You Buy Pandora’s Box…
  • My Personal Results Testing Pandora’s Box in the Real World…
  • And some of the weak spots and drawbacks to the system…
  • Why I Decided To Give Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box a Try…

The reason I decided to give Vin Dicarlo’s system a try is because over the past few years I’ve probably bought and studied just about every dating and “pick-up” product on the market.

But I just couldn’t seem to get the techniques most of them taught to work in the real world.

Sure… I’ve had a few successes, but some women just seem to be out of reach, no matter what I tried.

Most other dating products typically give you general advice that they claim will “work on all women”.

The problem with this is, (as I discovered in Pandoras Box) all women are created different – what works on one won’t necessarily work on others.

Other Systems Tell You It’s a “Numbers Game”…

All the pickup gurus tell you the same thing – “it’s a numbers game”, and if you approach enough women and say these certain things, some of them will respond and go home with you.

(I guess that’s why they call it “getting lucky”!)

The problem is, that I want a system that works with ALL women, not just a certain percentage.

Before getting Pandoras Box I couldn’t figure out why in some pick-up situations, I’d say something to a girl and she would be all over me, yet the next week I’d say the exact same thing to another girl and she would slap me in the face!

So I decided to reserve one of the last spots in my city to be part of Vin’s test group, and I got access to the entire Pandoars Box System.

Since Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box System came with a full 30-day money back guarantee, I knew there was no risk to order and give it a try. So I had time to put all of this new information to the test, and could simply get my money back if I wasn’t up to my eyeballs in hot chicks like Vin said I would be!

Once I got it, I jumped right in to see for myself if Pandoras Box was any different than all the other PUA programs I had bought.

(As you’ll see in a minute, I was pleasantly surprised!)

So right now you are probably wondering…

What Exactly IS The Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box System?

Basically in the system Vin Dicarlo shows you how to not only attract hot girls, but how to attract the SPECIFIC girls that YOU are interested in and how to get TOTAL DEVOTION from them at will!

Unlike other dating/pick-up products that simply tell you generic “pick-up lines”, or approaches, Pandora’s Box actually goes deep into scientifically tested areas of female psychology which give you an almost unfair advantage over any woman you choose.

Vin basically has taken years of research data, from leading scientist and psychological journals and figured out specifically how to quickly identify a woman’s personality type, then based on that information say and do the EXACT right things to attract her, and escalate that attraction into sex, then total devotion or addiction to you.

Vin claims that once you understand how to do this you can pick out ANY girl, get her phone number, get a date, or even get a kiss within 5 minutes or less.

(And as you’ll read in a second, I’ve tried this myself and it is 100% true!)

Click here to learn more about Vin DiCarlo and Pandora’s Box…

Here is How The Pandora’s Box System Works:

The basic principle behind the system is “Different women respond to different approaches.”

The easiest way to attract and turn-on ANY woman is to figure out what she really wants from a guy and just give it to her!

But to know the right approach, and what they want, you need to first know what “type” they are.

Step 1:

Pick the girl that you want to attract. (Choose carefully and be certain you would be happy if she was totally, helplessly devoted and addicted to you!)

Step 2:

Say one of the three “attraction boosters.” These are 3 simple sentences scientifically proven to increase a woman’s sexual attraction to you. (This triggers her brain to release the chemical Oxytocin. Which is the same bonding chemical released into her blood when she has an orgasm!)

Step 3:

You then ask her three easy questions. Then you just listen. (That’s all the talking you have to do!)

Step 4:

You use what she tells you to follow a simple step-by-step pattern to get her phone number, a date or even a kiss in less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy!

These simple patterns work on her mind and her body to create tons of trust, love and attraction, within a few minutes of talking to her.

It’s all based on real (but easy to understand) science and research.

Yet this simple science will be the key to as much intense, passionate sex, with as many different girls as you can handle!

(Or finding that perfect woman to settle down with for a long–term relationship.)

There Are Only 8 “Types” of Women!

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box eliminates the guesswork from reading and picking up women by deciphering and identifying the 8 different types of women.

Here is a picture that shows each of the 8 types:

Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box 8 TypesThe system shows you how to identify each type of woman quickly and easily.

And you’ll discover that EACH TYPE of woman has her own turn-ons and turn-offs, likes and dislikes and preferred ways of flirting.

You’ll get in-depth details about each type’s turn-ons, and precise maps of each woman’s mindset and psyche, arming you with the knowledge of what each type of woman ultimately desires in her “ideal man”.

Vin DiCarlo discovered that once he successfully began to identify a woman’s type during the approach – he could “close the deal” EVERY SINGLE TIME!

(Pick-up was no longer a “numbers game”!)

Most of the time, the hardest part for guys is keeping a woman’s interest after you first meet. But Vin DiCarlo’s system helps you strategize everything from your first words to getting her into bed (or a relationship) with zero guesswork or mistakes.

The real fun begins once you’ve identified her type, because Vin gives you a step-by-step game plan for dealing with each type of girl.

He shows you how to:

1. Laser target how you approach each type of girl

2. Use the type of flirting that is most effective with each type of girl

3. Choose the perfect form of physical escalation each type of girl will most likely respond to

4. Talk and act in the way that will develop a strong connection between you and the girl

5. Be able to spot, just by her Body Language, her degree of interest in you

6. Easily know what turns each type on sexually.

Because different women are turned on by different actions, once you know her type, the system shows you EXACTLY what she wants, responds to and is looking for in a guy.

So, you will know the perfect approach that “her type” just can’t resist!

When you begin talking to her based on the information Pandora’s Box teaches you about her type, she will be magnetically drawn in. It is almost impossible for her to not fall for you fast and hard.

She won’t know WHY it’s happening, but she won’t care either because the things you will be saying to her will make her feel she has found the perfect guy for her.

What Do You Get in With Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box?

When I logged into the members area for the first time I was surprised at how much content was in there.

I’m used to buying pick-up and dating products that just give you a short ebook or a couple audio files, but this was very different!

Vin Dicarlo covers a wealth of information in his Pandora’s Box System!

What I found was:

10 Videos of the Pandora’s Box Core System:

The first few videos go over the basics of reading women. Then you find out how to identify any girl’s type within the first MINUTE of speaking to her.

Vin also addresses how to escape the “friend zone” with ANY girl (even if she has rejected you before) and get her on a date.

You’ll also discover how to make any woman feel like you “understand her” so completely that you pretty much have her brainstem wrapped around your little finger in just a couple of minutes!

10 In Depth PDF Guides:

This stuff is incredibly VALUABLE! Once you learn the 8 different types of women and how each of their brains is wired, you’ll never have a problem approaching women ever again. (And these 10 PDFs explain all of it!)

My favorite part was the explanation of what type of body language to use on each type of woman! Armed with just this, I can shift my body slightly and draw her in without having to say a word!)

Video Interviews of Each Type of Personality Type:

These videos are AMAZING because they help you put a face to each personality type. This makes it so much easier to identify the type of girl when you see her. (How she LOOKS, wears make-up and dresses is a big clue to her type.)

I also enjoyed these videos because it’s very eye-opening have a dozen hot girls give you their different preferences on the ways they WANT to be picked up!

The 60-Second Profiler Quiz:

This great quiz allows you to identify the exact type of any woman you approach with just 3 simple, innocent questions. (Which take less than a minute!)

It comes in very handy when you’re in a crowded bar or club, and want to find your ideal girl FAST without embarrassing rejection.

The Ultimate Strategy for the 8 Types of Women:

This PDF gives you a step-by-step blueprint on how to win over each of the eight types of women.

Here is an example of some of what you’ll find for each type:

Vin DiCarlo 8 Types of WomenFirst, Vin gives you an overview of each personality. You’ll learn about Her Desires and How She Gets What She Wants.

Next, he gives you a detailed game plan for how to talk with each type of woman.

Vin’s conversation plan follows this simple formula:

Ignition > Momentum > Connection

Ignition shows you how to “ignite” (start) the conversation.

Then you develop momentum and tons of attraction.

And last, you build rapport to gain a deep connection.

Then, the Pandora’s Box guide shows how to go from initial conversation to getting her into your bed.

Again, Vin gives you an easy to follow plan:

Body Language > Touch > Sex

This part of the plan shows you how to transition from conversation to sex with each of the 8 types of woman.

It begins with body language.

Then you use specific ways to touch each type (to physically escalate your conversation and begin to turn her on.) Then Vin tells you how to trigger her sexual emotions which leads you both into the bedroom.

So after going through the entire Pandoras Box System, how did I do in real life?

Did Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box Work For Me?

The short answer is YES! (Better than my wildest dreams…)

Once I got through the course, I decided to go out and put what I learned to the test.

Everything sounded GREAT in theory while I was learning, but would it actually work in the field with real women?

So I went to a local club the following Friday night to give it a try.

It took me a while to get up the courage to approach the first girl, but once I did I was able to identify her type (A Playette) right away.

When I made the “ideal approach” for her type Vin had taught me in Pandora’s Box, she actually said the words, “Are you a mind reader or something?”

Within another couple minutes she grabbed my cell phone and programmed her number into my contacts!

I had planned on trying out my new “mind reading” skills on several other women at the club that night, but it was going good with this first girl I approached that I just kept the conversation going, talking to her about her likes and turn-ons (based on her type.)

After about 20 minutes of this she tilts her head to the side, smiles at me and says, “I normally don’t do this with somebody I just met, but there is just something about you I can’t explain… Do you want to get out of here and go to my place?”

And just like that I went home with her for the night!

It happen just like Vin said it would…

Ignition > Momentum > Connection > Body Language > Touch > Sex!

The next night (Saturday) I went to a local bar for a second “test” of the system, and this time I didn’t go home with the first girl. But I did get her number, as well as 5 other numbers, before going home with the best looking girl in the place (this one I identified as a “Seductress”, so she was fun in the sack!)

Over the next few weeks I kept testing and trying the things Vin taught me in Pandora’s Box, and I kept track.

Out of 21 girls I talked to over 3 weeks, I got 18 numbers (and I think the only reason I didn’t get the other 3 was because I didn’t identify their type correctly), and had sex with 6 of them.

But Will Pandoras Box Work For You?

Really, the quickest way to find out if Pandora’s Box will work for you is to imagine a girl you already know that you want to date or get physical with TODAY – and take this FREE 3-minute quiz to answer a few questions about her.

You’ll know instantly, which of the 8 personality types SHE is, and what you can do to start heating up your relationship. (Can you say bye-bye friend-zone?)

But, I must admit Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box is not for everyone…

It’s not for you if you’re looking for a system that takes no practice or work on your part. It takes time to study the 8 types, how to talk to them and what they respond to.

This is also probably not for you if you if you are so nervous around women you can’t even speak. While Vin does have some great stuff on building your confidence within Pandora’s Box, you may want to try one of his more basic products to build confidence to talk to women first.

And, finally this is not for you if you plan on using these skills to get revenge on or hurt women.

Because this system is so powerful, and can have such a profound effect on a women’s psyche and behavior, men have to be responsible with this technology and not use it to harm women, or make them do things against their will.

But this IS for you if:

  • You want to be able to land that perfect 10 at the bar that nobody else dares talk to
  • You are stuck in the “Friendzone” with a girl and want something more.
  • You want to get your ex-girlfriend back.
  • You are interested in a specific woman (at work or school) but you’re afraid of being rejected
  • You want to build fast rapport with any woman you just met
  • You want to move women from mild interest, to total DEVOTION!

If you are still not sure if Pandora’s Box is right for you remember you can try it out for 30 days and if it does not get you the success with women you want, you can email Vin directly and he will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked.

Click here to watch a video that explains Vin’s Guarantee…

What Are The Weak Points and Drawbacks?

No system is perfect, not even Pandora’s Box.

The 3 main areas I think Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box is weak are:

1. There is an optional 32-Week PHd level component to the system that carries with it a monthly charge. While Vin does not hide the monthly component, and makes it easy to cancel, if you are in a hurry when ordering you may miss it and be surprised when you get the monthly charge on your credit card.

If you have the money, I actually recommend you stay in for the full 32 weeks, because you will gain some deep, advanced level information on each of the 8 different types of women.

But for those on a budget, this monthly component may be something to pass on.

2. The second thing that turned me off a bit is the aggressiveness of the marketing around Pandora’s Box. The “hard sell” stuff initially made me think that the system was too good to be true.

However, after having gone through the system, I can see that Vin Dicarlo did indeed deliver on all the promises he makes in his video. But some people may be turned off by the strength of his offers.

Also, Vin is limiting the number of people he lets into the system in each city. So the open spots in your city may already be gone.

3. The other problem I had, was that the full Pandora’s Box system came with a ton of material. It really was intimidating to go all the way through.

Although if you are committed, you can go through the core system in one day, I’d recommend most people spread it out over a week or so to absorb everything.

(And if you are like me, you’ll want to go through it multiple times.)

But if PRICE is an Issue For You
Read This Letter From Vin:

Vin diCarlo Letter

My Final Words on Pandora’s Box…

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box gave me the tools to “read the mind” of any woman I meet within 60 seconds of walking up to her, then quickly and easily attract and turn her on by simply talking about interests that get HER TYPE excited.

Because of this, I ALWAYS get at least a phone number from every girl I try this on (and usually, much, much more!)

Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box, is hands down the best programs available for showing you how to approach girls and get total devotion and loyalty to you (with the proof and scientific research to back it up.)

I like it because it works for me in real-world settings. There is no more memorizing a bunch of corny routines or delivering sleazy pick-up lines.

(And since I’ve begun using it, there is virtually no more rejection!)

Instead you’ll learn a system that reveals the underlying psychology of women.

Whether you simply want sex 7 nights a week or are looking to find the perfect woman for a long-term relationship, Pandoras Box will give you all the confidence and knowledge you need to pick up women anywhere, any time!

And you’ll discover how to use a loophole in the minds of the 8 types of women you’ll meet, to both attract them and escalate that attraction into anything you can dream of. A one-night stand, or a long-term relationship.

Pandora’s Box is the most accurate and scientifically proven approach to uncovering how women think ever developed.

And the best part is it works even if you’re bald, broke, fat and ugly! Because, as soon as you offer a woman what she’s looking for, she’ll be begging to do whatever pleases you!

Click Here Now to Learn More About
Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box System!

P.S. Because Vin is only Releasing Pandora’s Box as a market test, he has limited the number of test spots he has open in each city. (This also protects areas from over-saturation of guys with this level of skill.)

From what I understand, many cities are already closed to new orders.

Since there is only a handful of spots in each area, you need to check right now to see if your city is still available.

P.P.S. – If you are still undecided, watch this video version of my review:

Click Here NOW  to Watch “Part 2″! (You’ll be glad you did!)

Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box System Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 63 ratings

12 comments to Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box System Review

  • Paul

    Great review! I agree completely.

    Pandora’s Box has changed my life.

    When I started out with the system, I began dating and sleeping with the hottest chicks around.

    I’d go home with a different girl every time I went out.

    But a couple months ago I got up the nerve to try this out on a girl I work with.

    We have been friends for a couple years now, but that is as far as it had went.

    After asking her the profiling questions, I was surprised to find out she was a “Private Dancer” type.

    So I started talking to her the same way I had done with other Private Dancer types I’d been hitting on in the clubs, and before you know it we had a date scheduled for that weekend.

    It’s been over 2 months now and we are still dating exclusively.

    Without Vin Di Carlo and Pandoras Box, I would have probably stayed just her friend forever.

    But I think this chick might be “the one”.

    So thanks and keep up what you are doing!

  • Danny

    Your review of pandoras box has helped me alot. I was sceptical about all the wild stuff I was hearing about this product.

    But after reading about your success I think I’ll go ahead and get it.

    Gotta wait until next pay day though! LOL…

    Danny B.

  • Omar Pursak


    I went to one of his workshops last year and I can tell you from experince that boy has mad skillz!

    His stuff has helped me get more chicks in the last year than I got my entire life combined up to that point.

    If Vin sells it, I buy it! cuz’ the results dont lie baby! ;-)

    This sh!t just flat out WORKS!!!

  • Ross D.

    Glad to finally see a real, detailed review of Pandora’s Box.

    I’ve passed on buying this about a dozen times because all the reviews I read were just obvious affilite sales pitches.

    And I have always been a little put off by of Vin Dicarlo’s marketing.

    (His ads on the adult sites are funny as hell though!)

    Even if you are probably making money as an affiliate for Vin, at least you actually bought and tried out the product, which is better than I can say for most of the other reviews I’ve read.

    I just bought thru your link.

    So wish me luck!

    Let’s see if Vin can live up to the hype.

    - Ross

  • Not Gettin Any!

    Im 18 still a? virgin. I have the confidents, I just need to know what to do with each type of girl, So this stuff will really help me. what advice do you give me as 18 year old male, thats a virgin? will this really get me laid?

    • Vin Dicarlo Review

      Hi “Not Gettin Any”,

      If you are still a virgin, this stuff WILL get you laid. But you might want to start out by upgrading your basic skills and confidence a bit first before trying Pandora’s Box.

      What Vin DiCarlo shares in here is VERY advanced and powerful. So if you don’t at least have a base level of skill, comfort and (most importantly) maturity dealing with women, this could be overkill for you at best, and psychologically harmful to the girls you are using it on at the worst.

      After-all, if you’ve never been laid before, what are you going to do if you use Pandora’s Box to attract and get in bed with a smoking hot 9 or 10? (Which is a REAL possibility with this Vin’s stuff.)

      First, 9′s and 10′s are used to guys with a lot more skill in bed than you have (no offense), second… I hate to tell you this but if you’ve got 18 years of built up sexual frustration, your “little friend” is going to go off and end the night before she even gets your pants unzipped.

      I remember my first time, and if I had been with some of the blazing hot chicks I’ve been dating since getting Pandora’s Box (solid 9′s and 10′s!) I wouldn’t have made it pass the kissing stage before blowing my wad!

      So you should look at some of Vin’s other products first like his Attraction Code stuff. Then use THAT to get laid a few times (with 6′s, 7′s or possibly 8′s) and grow your skill and confidence.

      Then you’ll be ready to move up to the “big leagues” with Pandora’s Box and start hunting those 9′s and 10′s!

      Hope this helps!

      • P. D. Tallent

        DUDE! You just moved up several notches on my “respect and trust” meter!

        You gave that kid some great advice. Most other “review” sites would have just told him to buy the product so they could get their cut of the sale.

        But you told him what would help him, not you.

        If he had pulled a 9 or 10, his first time would have lasted all of 3 seconds.

        You saved him a lot of embarrassment.

        Good looking out man!


  • John

    Good review. Vin’s stuff really works. I’ve been trying some type reading. I’m about four week into Pandora’s Box. I had some success in a bar the other night began reading an attractive woman using the extended look and turn away. As I began to get ready to leave she came over asked what I was doing. I told her I was about to leave and she told me to sit as she had got me a drink. She went on to say your going nowhere without me. Having spent the night with her arranged to meet next Thursday. Thanks. Regards, John.

  • Zane Martin

    Thanks for taking so much time to write a REAL review.

    It helped me make up my mind, so I bough Pandora Box.

    I just got done going through it for the first time last night. took a while because theres so much stuff in it.

    There is a girl whom I love so much. At first she showed interest in me, but now She has started to pull away. I think? I did something wrong. I think I appered needy and easy.

    To be honest I didn’t buy this to go out and hook up with a ton of chicks. I got it to figure out how to get this one girl.

    Now after learning what Vin has to teach, I’m excited to go try this on her.

    I used the profiler quiz and figured out she is what vin calls a Cinderella.

    Haha…… I didnt even bother reading about the other types of girls! But I devoured everything Vin had in Pandora about Cinderella types and this stuff is right on. It was like he was describing this girl to me.

    I think I know more about what she wants and how to give it to her now than she knows about herself!

    Thanks dude! I owe you big! :-)

  • Willie Lawson

    Nice site. I had read a couple of the sites that called Vin a scam and I believed them so I didnt buy pandora box.

    Now that I know it was just his competitors like that creepy old prick Ross J. trying to make him look bad because they can’t compete with him I’m going to get the course afterall.

    This is a strange question, but does this stuff work on black women too? All the chicks in the pics for the 8 types are white, and black women got they own kind of personality types!

  • Peter Keller

    Your review is spot on.

    I bought Pandora’s Box when Vin first launched it over a year ago, and it has been the best PUA program I’ve ever used.

    My problem (and it’s a good one to have, I’m not complaining) is that now I need him to come out with a course on how to juggle 3 girlfriends at once!

    Once you know how to read and play with their types, picking them up is easy.

    The hard part is when you actually get them addicted to you like Vin promises and you wind up with more of them than you can deal with!


  • Robert

    I Just saw on the home page that they are dropping the price of pandoras box, but they also mentioned that it will be gone in a little bit. Is this an urgency marketing tool or is it really going to be closed to the public, because I am unable to purchase it at the moment.

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